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What Makes the Helo LX Unique?

2018-03-07 22:53:48

12 FEBRUARY 2018

What Makes the Helo LX Unique?

by Jeff Uhl





“But aren’t all smartwatches the same? What’s so different about this one?”

Not all wearable technology is made the same. Although it’s easy to lump all smartwatches together and compare one against the other, the truth is they don’t have the same goals and objectives behind them. Some are designed to work with your phone and brings phone notifications right to your wrist. Some are designed as fitness and exercise trackers, updating you when you haven’t moved in a while or you didn’t meet your daily fitness goals. 

However, the Helo LX is none of that. It’s a health and wellness lifestyle oracle. It is designed with the wearer’s overall wellness in mind; it is a one-of-a-kind wearable health monitor, giving you peace of mind that you’ll know ahead of time if there is something off with your or your loved ones’ health. The Helo LX won’t tell you if grandma took her 8,000 steps today, but it will alert you when grandma’s heart rate exceeds normal levels and she is need of assistance. The Helo LX also gives grandma the chance to alert you when she needs help and vice-versa. 

It will monitor your heart and breath rate, but not to tell you you’re burning fat or calories. Rather, it will calculate your bioparameters to help you keep track of your mood and fatigue levels to boost your overall wellness and reduce stress levels to maximize productivity each day. With the Helo LX, you get to monitor and learn about yourself by tracking your bioparameters and accessing this data through the mobile app. Imagine that: an app that allows you to review your daily data and learn more about yourself, your mood, your fatigue levels and those of your loved ones. By learning what triggers stress, you can begin to limit and ultimately control your stress levels, ensuring better health and wellness. Increasing your happiness levels and completely changing your life for the best. 

The Helo LX is so dedicated to helping you improve your health and wellness, it has its own app store, unlike any other wearable smartwatch on the market. That’s right; you can create your own app to use with your Helo LX, providing you with the personalization and customization you need in your wearable tech. Pair that with changeable wristbands and add-ons, the Helo LX provides you with the tools you need to improve the quality of your life. Don’t just live; live your life worry-free and with the ultimate peace of mind. No matter what happens, the Helo LX keeps you prepared and informed. 

Reach out and ask me about how the Helo LX has impacted my life. Only then can you really grasp the potential of this wearable tech, which is unlike any other on the market. Your tech shouldn’t limit you, it should make you feel limitless. Improve your health and wellness today. I’ll show you how.

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