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Worried about the health of a loved one?
The HELO wristband has the power to send an emergency SMS text message to your friends and family in the event of an emergency.

Do You Have What It Takes To Be An Entrepreneur?
Interested in the entrepreneurial lifestyle? Does the allure of waking up on your own time, setting your own schedule for the day, being the boss, traveling anywhere you want when you want all while making money appeal to you? You’re not alone, my frien

Succeeding at MLM Business: Marketing Tips
You’re part of an MLM business. When you signed up, you thought you were going to be making thousands within a month, only to find out that MLM business marketing is a lot harder than it first appears.

Eight Benefits to Working from Home
I love waking up every morning. I stretch, throw on some sweatpants and make a cup of coffee. Then, I sit down, turn on the computer and get to work. Although there’s plenty of challenges to working from home, it can also be one of the best decisions y

What Makes the Helo LX Unique?
“But aren’t all smartwatches the same? What’s so different about this one?” Not all wearable technology is made the same. Although it’s easy to lump all smartwatches together and compare one against the other, the truth is they don’t have t

Now Is the Time: A Look At Wearable Tech Trends
The wearable technology market is growing and fast - are you growing with it or will you be left behind? You’ve probably noticed wearable technology, especially smartwatches and fitness trackers, has boomed in recent years. In fact, Tractica predicts

Reduce the Harmful Effects of Electrosmog!

Monitor Your Heart Rate During Exercise to Improve Efficiency

Wor(|)d Released The All New Helo LX

Take a Nap; Get Your Life on Track!

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