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Wearable Technology is vastly becoming a household trend, with brands like Fitbit, Apple, Samsung and Garmin now being sold in virtually every major store in the world. But there’s a new kid on the block, and Fox News says the Helo will be one of the top 5 technology products to dominate in 2017.

Helo is now innovating into a true game-changer in wellness and self-care monitoring. Helo has now introduced the very 1st wearable technology APP STORE! With hundreds of apps being developed, from early flu detection to ovulation notification, the possibilities are endless. With features like blood pressure trends, and EKG/ECG heart checks, combined with remote family monitoring, automatic emergency notification with GPS and even a manual panic alert button, the next generation in wearable technology is here. With soon to be released features like non-invasive blood sugar estimation, blood alcohol measurements, organ analysis, and even a built in electronic mosquito repellant. Imagine being able to open the app on your phone, anywhere in the world, and check in on your loved ones. You can see how well they are sleeping, what their moods have been in, their energy levels throughout the day, their blood pressure, heart rate, activity levels, not to mention the soon to be released features like blood sugar estimation.

And that’s not all. 
Wear it, share it, and GET PAID! Don’t worry, when people see you checking your blood pressure trends or running a heart check from your wrist, THEY WILL ASK! And with the simple 2 minute video that explains everything, all you have to do is share your free website and get paid every time one of your friends buys online.




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